How does it work?

We inject ads in people's browsing pages, our users agree to our ToS where this feature is described, if someone uses our VPN for free they see Ads.

On the other hand, our team carefully select advertisers and advertising materials.

How to show my first Ads?

1. Register or log in into your account

2. Press 'Create new' button

3. Upload one image and set a link to redirect users (you can also press 'Preview' button to see how your Ad is gonna be displayed)

4. Press 'Save & Review' button to send your Ad campaign for review

Done! After the review is completed by our team, your Ad will start displaying (you can also start and stop camping manually).

What countries do you offer?

We work worldwide, so we have mixed traffic, there are quite a lot of people from Russia, Europe, the Middle East, some people are from the United States and China. You can target by country/device.

What is the price?

Cost per 1000 views is around $1, a number of installs/visits depends on the quality of advertising materials. You will get free deposit after registration and email confirmation, so you can start advertising for free.

What is the minimum budget for campaign?

We don’t have one, you can start advertising with any budget.

What is the CPM price for a certain country?

You define the price to be paid. The higher price you set, more chances your Ad is getting to be displayed. Minimal price starts at $0.01 per 1000 views. Approximate probability of the Ad to be displayed is show next after the price during campaign creation.

What is the optimal CPM?

When you create a new Ad campaign or edit an existing Ad campaign it is possible to set price and targeting. Every time you change those parameters an approximate probability of your Ad to be displayed is shown. By tweaking the price or targeting parameters you can increase chances of your Ad to be displayed. Take into account that other advertisers compete for views as well and probability may change with time when other Ad campaigns are created.

What is the price per install?

We don’t sell installs. We work on a Cost Per View basis. Average cost per 1000 views is around $1, price per install depends on targeting and quality of advertising materials.

You can register now and get $5.00 free to see how our ads work.

How to get $5 bonus?

Simply create a new account and the bonus will be available on your balance to show first Ads for free.

How to get more installs/visits?

Please try to add more countries and increase CPM (cost per 1000 views).

What kind of advertising materials do I need to provide?

We have self-service. You’ll need a 500x500px image that gives clear idea of what you advertise (app, game, service, flowers delivery, etc.) and target URL. It’s OK to add “Visit”, “Install” or “Play” to the advertising image.


Where can I see an example of your Ads?

You can either open this link or install one of our applications and see how our Ads work in action.

Can I use your creatives? Can you create the Ad for me?

Yes, we have our in-house design team that can create high conversion ads.

What can I advertise with your system?

You can advertise anything (apps, games, services, websites, youtube video, facebook page) that is considered to be legal and follows our ToS.

What types of targeting can be used?

You can use the following targeting options, and there will be more available soon:

- Country

- Device Type

- Operating System

- Schedule campaign for a particular time

Can I target by sex/age?

No, but you can target people by country/device (Desktop/iOS/Android).

Do you support pay per conversion strategy?

No, our ads system works on a Pay Per View basis.

Why my Ad was rejected?

We notify (email) you with all the details each time we reject an Ad. In most cases the ad rejection reason is one of the following:

- It is unclear what is advertised. Please, add more information to the image, what this app/website is about (game, puzzle, shop, etc).

- Multiple accounts created to advertise with free credits.

- Low quality image.

- Shocking content.

- Illegal stuff.

- VPN-related Ads are not allowed.

Do you sell App Store/Google Play reviews?


Is your platform IAB Certified?


How to contact you, if I have other questions?

Please, feel free to email us at info@s4m.tech.