Advertising ToS


Ads - text, images or any other kind of medium (material) that contains information about the product or service.

Advertiser - a company, person or organization that advertises a product or service.

Publisher - entity that distributes Ads - S4M Tech.

Advertising campaign - means the specifications and period upon which Ads will be placed by Publisher.

Advertising platform - platform for Ads management and distribution provided by S4M Tech.

Target - place, product, app store page, where Ads redirect visitor who clicked on them.

Targeting - Set of parameters like user location (country), device, etc. defining to whom Ads will be displayed.

Campaign Definition - Advertising campaign settings like targeting, target URL(s), Ads text/images, campaign start and end dates.

1. General Comments

Advertiser authorizes Publisher to place Ads on any content or property provided by Publisher. Advertiser is solely responsible for all creative and targeting decisions (e.g., country, device), target URLs (e.g., landing pages) along with the related services and products advertised.

Advertiser will not provide Ads containing malware, spyware or any other malicious code or knowingly breach or circumvent any Advertising platform security measure.

Publisher may reject or remove a specific Ad or Target at any time for any reason, for example an Ad or Target may be rejected or removed by Publisher if Publisher believes the Ad or Target would expose Publisher to liability.

2. Cancellation

Either party may cancel Advertising campaign at any time: Advertiser must effect cancellation with notice to Publisher via email to Publisher’s representative. If Advertising campaign is cancelled after campaign start and before the campaign end, the Advertiser will be obligated to pay only for the pro rata portion of the campaign that has been displayed (counted in days), the rest funds will be refunded to the Advertiser.

3. Warranty and Rights

Advertiser grants to operate the Ads to Publisher, and confirms that information in Ads provided by Advertiser is complete, correct and current. Advertiser authorizes Publisher to automate retrieval and analysis of Target for the purposes of Advertising platform.

4. Disputes

All disputes are resolved through negotiations. If performance of the Advertising campaign considered as poor by both Advertiser and Publisher, Publisher will continue Advertising campaign for Advertiser without additional payment required from Advertiser for agreed amount of days.

5. Ads requirements

Advertiser has to provide Campaign Definition where the following parameters of the campaign are provided: target users locations, target users devices, OS, VPN server region and etc. Ads will be displayed according to provided campaign definition.

6. Payment

Payments are made in advance unless the parties agreed otherwise. Means of payment are provided by the Publisher's representative as part of invoice.

7. Confidentiality

Advertiser agrees not to disclose S4M Tech’s Confidential Information without S4M Tech’s prior written consent. “S4M Tech Confidential Information” includes all S4M Tech software, pricing details, technologies, guidelines and documentation related to the S4M Tech Advertising platform.